Work with Athletes

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Have you wondered what some of the most successful athletes possess beyond skill? 
Do you see others with similar talents and gifts having greater success?
It's Mental Toughness, Confidence, a Championship Mindset that makes the difference!

When you study elite athletes (pros, olympic, major collegiate, even elite, young athletes) you will find that their nutrition, conditioning, and sport-specific training are comparable. The Championship Mindset - mental toughness and confidence - is the main difference. You have often heard phrases like "Success is 90% mental and 10% physical", or "Get your head in the game" said by coaches, parents, and fans alike.  These statements emphasize that the athlete's mental game is critical for releasing one's full potential in sports. Many athletes struggle to overcome mental limitations, more than physical limitations. Others may be trying to work back from injuries with little confidence. I offer Championship Mental Training to support peak performance of athletes in any sport, at any level.
Sample Championship Mental Training Services I Offer:
Individual and Team Goal Setting
Team Consultation and Team Building Techniques
Visualization Exercises
Focus Techniques (during a performance & while scouts are watching)
Emotional Control/Pressure Management Training
Life/Sport Balance Consultation
Individual Psychotherapy and Counseling
Overcoming Performance Anxiety

I also provide support to families navigating the collegiate recruiting process. I have assisted several families with scholarships and decisions to attend NCAA Division I, II, & III schools, NAIA, and National Jr. Colleges. I will guide you through the recruitment process, step by step - from eligibility planning, to prioritizing schools, to providing support as you make a final choice.
Please call me for a telephone consultation to find out how I can help you gain the "WINNING ADVANTAGE"